You might remember her. There have been a lot of people coming and going throughout WWE over the years and that can make for some memorable appearances. Some of these names are going to make a bigger impression than others but you know a star when you see one. Every now and then you can see the star power in someone, and that star power is coming back.

During this week’s Monday Night Raw, a vignette aired announcing the return of Eva Marie, whose name seems to have been shortened to Eva. After laying on the hood of a car and asking if she had our attention, Eva talked about how she wanted to give back and be someone that others look up to. Eva wrapped it up by asking if we were ready for the Eva-Lution. There was no timetable given on when she will be back in the ring.

Eva was originally brought in to WWE as part of the original cast of Total Divas, appearing as one of the two rookies along with JoJo. She would eventually become an occasional wrestler but mainly served in other areas. Eva would ultimately leave WWE in 2017 following four years in the company. Her return has since been rumored, as she had allegedly agreed to returned to WWE earlier this year.

It’s a new way to go. Check out how Eva’s return went:

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