June 12, 2021

Trump Golf Club to PGA: They Have No Right to Terminate the Agreement : OTHER : Sports World News


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After the U.S. Capitol riot, the PGA decided to cut ties with the Trump Golf Club and cancel the club’s hosting of the 2022 PGA Championship in May 2022. (Photo : Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Trump Golf Club will not be hosting the next PGA event.

The Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) of America has decided to stop the hosting of the 2022 PGA Championship at the Trump Organization golf course following the organization’s preservation of its brand.

PGA Cancels Trump Golf Club Hosting

On Sunday, the decision from the board of Directors resulted in a deal to renounce the hosting of the Trump Golf Club in 2022, the president of the PGA of America, Kim Richerson announced. The 2022 Championship is staged to be held at the Trump Bedminster, New Jersey.

According to CBS News, the verdict came after the US Capitol scandal by Trump Stormers, four days after. The riot burst when the election victory of President-elect Joe Biden was confirmed by the Congress. The incident yielded five casualties and damage to properties in the building.

In a video posted by PGA president Richerson on the PGA site, the results looked forward to the legacy of the PGA of America to be continued for the upcoming years for the organization and for the PGA professionals.

“It’s become clear that conducting the PGA championship at Trump Bedminster would be detrimental to the PGA of America brand” and risks the organization’s ability to deliver on its programs and goals of promoting golf,” Richerson said.

Update on the 2022 PGA Championship from PGA of America on Vimeo.

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After the PGA’s announcement,  the Trump organization grew dismayed by the decision imposed by the American golf entity, according to ABC News.

Trump Golf club told the Associated Press that they have a beautiful partnership with the main golf organization. In the final decision, they added that they are “incredibly disappointed” with the outcome.

“This is a breach of a binding contract and they have no right to terminate the agreement,” the organization said. 

Trump Golf organization continued that what happened was a breach of the signed contract and the PGA could not swerve the agreement. Moreover, they added that the club had already devoted to a million-dollar expense for the hosting of the 2022 PGA Championship at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster.

“We will continue to promote the game of golf on every level and remain focused on operating the finest golf courses anywhere in the world,” Trump golf club added.

In 2014, PGA agreed with the Trump org to bid for a championship hosting in 2022, but a year later, they decided to cancel the PGA Grand Slam at Trump National Los Angeles Golf Club. In a report by the New York Times, the golf organization chose to stop the hosting after Trump accused the Mexican immigrants as “rapists.”

On Wednesday, the US Capitol went jumbled following the mob riot. Trump’s cabinet secretaries and advisers have resigned from their posts. They pointed out that Trump should take responsibility for the incident in letting the people rummage the building.

Due to the US capitol siege, at least two senators from the Republican party encouraged Trump to resign from his position. Along with several call outs for the Democrat president, impeachment through the 25th amendment is on its way to take action.

In 2017, the Senior PGA Championship took place at Trump’s course. This was operated by the PGA of America, and it was the same year when the US Women’s Open transpired at Bedminster where Trump National is located.

In a phone interview with the CEO of the PGA of America, Seth Waugh, he said that the PGA seems to be involved in the political scandal that they should not belong. Waugh suggested that what happened on Wednesday was too hard to take and the only thing to address the problem was to leave.

An estimated total of 29,000 golf professionals of the PGA of America, penned an agreement with Trump National in 2014.


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