June 13, 2021

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If you’re just starting to play chess, check out our list of the Top 5 best tips for chess beginners. (Photo : General Photographic Agency/Getty Images)

Chess, when you first hear it, is expected to be a bloody war between two sharp minds. Have you thought of something “mental?” Don’t worry beginners and aspirants, the best chess tips are now ready to fly at the comfort of your home.

In playing chess, you need extreme focus, time management, analytical skills, and wild guesses to subdue your opponent, You should also be aware of how to maneuver the pieces using your hands and your mind. To win the game of chess, you need to pull a strategy that will counter your opponent or at least will slow him/her down heading to a convincing checkmate.

Top 5 best tips for chess beginners

5. Know the Value of your Pieces

Chess can be compared to war – in the aesthetic term, a mental war. One chess piece can lead to fallout, a broken opening, or a possible hole for an enemy to enter. Every piece has its own worth, and when you memorize the value of your pieces, make sure to launch them according to their use on the board.

Just remember that you are a commander-in-chief who will lead your 16 soldiers in either victory or defeat. Brace yourself for new knowledge as you ready your chess journey.

The lowest soldier called pawn is valued at one (1) point. Next, the officials, knight, and bishop are both worth three (3) points, followed by the rook or the castle that is worth five (5) points. Lastly, the queen has the highest value at nine (9) points.

To start with your opening, move your pawn towards the center. In that way, your next move can either summon an official or another pawn that will cover the middle.

4. Fill the Center Board

According to Chessfox, the main objective of filling the center is to have control on the central board. Controlling the board will mean that you have more grasp on controlling your chess pieces.

For example, when an official, like a knight, is placed in the middle, its movement will not be limited only in one direction. The movement of the knight or the horse is L-shape, and when he moves from the center, it has eight (8) options to move.

In another instance in the case of the bishop, the center will free it for a wider space to capture other pieces, same as the rook and the queen. Ready your pieces just like in war, before you go all-out to your opponent. This is guaranteed to be one of the best chess tips that you should know.

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3. Launch the mid-game attack

After preparing for your pieces during the early phase, you are now ready to launch an attack on the board. Continue controlling the spaces on the board especially the center, to have a spatial advantage over your opponent. Think offensively this time, and focus on capturing the important pieces in the game.

First, find free captures in the case of pawns, then look for blunders that could lead to the officials’ capture. Remember that think twice before making a move because in some cases, the capture could be a trap in disguise. Support your pieces with another, and you are good to go heading to the post-game.

The best chess tips aren’t free, but try to immerse yourself in deep curiosity. It will pay you twice a penny.

2. Predict your Opponent’s Next Move

In playing chess, it’s a cold war that you should try to overcome. Don’t lose your cool for a second and remain focused until it finishes. Your opponent’s move should always be behind yours.

Ask yourself(without speaking) every time you make a move. Is there a consequence of this move? Do I blunder? What could capture my piece in three moves? These are some questions that could circulate your mind during the game. Be active in thinking of possible moves that can be executed.

After reading this, you will realize that the best chess tips come from the gut feeling. Trust it some time, but be critical.

1. Checkmate your opponent

The finale of your game should be a powerful endgame. After gathering all the pieces and the captures are already halfway your plan, pull a strong move to beat your opponent.

A big move could be one of the following: a sacrificial move where you exchange small-valued pieces for high returns. An example of this is the trap queen set-up, where you exchange your queen to your opponent followed by a bait that will lead to his/her checkmate.

Another one could be an ultimate pieces-combo, wherein you maneuver your pieces one at a time, with each move that serves a big purpose for every turn. The last one could be a play-safe style in the form of stalemate (or draw) to your opponent. 

Either way, practice different moves or play chess online for a perfect escape during pandemic. Click here to know the best online chess sites where you can test your skills against AI and real challengers!


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