June 16, 2021

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Golf is a thrilling sport, and sometimes adding to the thrill is the terrain. While some golf courses are classified as easy, here we list the top 10 toughest golf courses. (Photo : Warren Little/Getty Images)

The unpredictability of golf is famous among its players. Unlike other sports, the outcome in golf can be dictated by external factors such as wind, precipitation, and terrain.

Your shot might be good in the first hole, but that does not mean you could sustain it in the next hole. The trajectory of your golf ball could be affected by the wind, hampered by the rain, or disturbed by a challenging golf course. Here is a list of the top 10 toughest golf courses. 

Toughest golf courses in the world

10. Royal Melbourne

Location: Blackrock, Victoria, Australia 

During the competition, the East and West courses are merged into one to form the Composite Course. For our first toughest golf course, the West course will be the one that is included.

Never mind the wind in the area, but mind the depression in the fairway – a deep bunker. You can have a first shot on the grass in some cases, but your next shot will be on the bunker.

9. Muirfield

Location: Gullane, East Lothian, Scotland 

A golf player and critic, John Sabino, said that it would take sometime before someone hits a tee on Muirfield. He could be joking, but it was partly true on its 18-hole area.

The path of this golf course extends to the coastline. It also has a weird pattern. The key to having a good shot is to know the pattern of the wind.

8. Oakmont

Location: Plum, Pennsylvania, USA

Are you looking for a harder golf course? You might want to consider visiting Oakmont after you shot your first ball. First, be greeted by its 200 bunkers.

When you are finished with your second hole, meet Church Pews for your next two holes. A 10-by-40-yarder, it is a special bunker shaped like a sloppy floor. In the meantime, look around the trees only to see how intimidating they are in the eyes of a golfer.

7. Royal Dornoch

Location: Dornoch, Sutherland, Scotland 

Playing in Dornoch is like balancing two glasses of water in your hands. When you take your first step on it, the perfect contour will lead you to the pot-molded bunkers. Just be aware of the wind from the plateau.

Two 18-hole courses? In a nutshell, that is Royal Dornoch, a typical golf course that will daze you to beauty and dizziness at the same time.

6. Augusta National

Location: Augusta, Georgia, USA

March to the timberland of Augusta, where a line of trees will salute you in a green carpet. This American golf course had a past controversy about black people and women not allowed playing inside it. But that has changed.

Augusta is a place to gaze for a while, with its trees that dance along with the wind. It might not be an easy place to train, especially on its most famous stretch, the Amen Corner. After you tee your 11th and 13th shot on the second attempt, try crossing the Nelson Bridge.

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5. Shinnecock Hills

Location: Southampton, New York

Home to many events, Shinnecock Hills, brags its exemplary charm to the public. Immerse yourself in a picturesque connection of the Atlantic Ocean and Peconic Bay. But, do not overindulge on its beauty behind cunning bunkers, bewildering doglegs, and even its dwarf grasses.

By any chance, you could also feel the wind while enjoying your 4th, 9th, and 17th hole. It’s one of the toughest golf courses in America because sometimes, the sand might come at you unexpectedly.

4. Royal County Down

Location: Newcastle, County Down, Northern Ireland 

Royal County Down is carved into two courses that extend more than 7,200 yards. If you are looking for a vintage feel, this Irish golf course overlooking the royal blue sea should be on your bucket list. For thrill-seekers, this is the right place.

Famous for its fourth hole, you have to overcome the 217-yard par-3. You need to surpass the soupy bushes or end up getting out of the game. A shot for 200 yards is all you need for this obstacle.

3. St. Andrew

Location: St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland 

Designed in 1552, the St. Andrew golf course is the oldest in the world. Many historical events happened here as it was built dating back to the time of the Roman Empire? It might be out of sync when it comes to fashion, but visitors should not underestimate St. Andrew.

Deep pot-bunkers and double greens are the clear culprits why others get annoyed when they play here. Furthermore, the bunkers come from the blind spot, so you have to think twice before making your shot.

Just avoid the pest bunker on your 14th hole, and the beauty of the Swilcan Bridge will reward you at your 18th hole.

2. Cypress Point

Location: Pebble Beach, California

Cypress Point is a refreshing site for golfers to test their skills. First, behold its artistry, and second behold its difficulty. Keep your focus in-game and spot the holes.

The real test will start on the final three. A 16th hole across the ocean and a 17th hole across the greens will surely excite your nerves. Then you will have to land your 18th shot on the blind spot.

1. Pine Valley

Location: Pine Valley, New Jersey, USA

In all modesty, Pine Valley boasts its 7,057 yards, enough for a grand eye-tour. If you are expecting an easy hole here, you might want to find it on others. This golf course is an angel in a devil’s clothing.

Plan your shots here. Its popular spot known as the ‘Devil’s Asshole‘ will haunt your 7th hole on par-5. It is the longest, non-seaside bunker in the world.

After that, you need to deal with the par-4 18th hole. Figure your way out of the slim freeway, and you are good to go with the rest of the bunkers.


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