June 13, 2021

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Memorable horse races live through ages. Check out our countdown of the top 10 most memorable horse races in history. (Photo : Tim Goode – Pool / Getty Images)

The best horse races live through ages – through dust and snow, through rain and sun, regardless of the time that vanished in the wind. We could only look back to how memorable these moments for us who enjoyed the art of racing.

We will feature the top 10 most memorable horse races of all time. Get to know the notable races that had once made us excited while shouting in glee.

Top 10 Most Memorable Horse Races in History

10. Red Rum & Crisp (Grand International)

Location: Aintree

Date: March 31.1973 

The famous Aintree chase made Crisp a “high horse” of his kind. The race saw Crisp tracing the finish line, and the spectators only hoped that the fast horse reached the very end. Crisp was 20 distances ahead of the trailing Red Rum when an unexpected situation happened.

Crisp became exhausted and lose momentum. Red Rum got the opportunity to skedaddle past its front runner to bag the National award in the end. As the announcer said, we may have not seen another race like this for a hundred years.

9. Bayakoa & Go For Wand (Breeder’s Cup Distaff)

Location: Belmont Park

Date: October 27, 1990

No one would have thought how tragic was the “Requiem at Balmont.” To think that the finest female horses, Go For Wand and Bayakoa vied for one of the hugest horse racing at the time. The Argentine mare, Bayakoa, the last year’s champion, was halfway the track while Go For Wand secured the position in the race.

It was a tight battle between the best racehorses, but the sudden enjoyment turned into a tragedy after Go For Wand rolled down the path and broke her right foreleg, and got injured upon the fall.

8. Affirmed & Alydar (Belmont Stakes)

Location: Belmont Park

Date: June 10, 1978

The battle of the big horses came in Belmont with Alydar leading the race. The final lap stretched to 12 furlongs where Alydar had to only touch the final line. It was at this moment when Affirmed dashed in front and took the Triple Crown.

The two rivals met ten times.

7. Monksfield & Sea Pigeon (Champion Hurdle)

Location: Cheltenham

Date: March 14, 1979

Monksfield and Sea Pigeon’s battle in the hurdles was one of the most thrilling races of all time. The Irish-bred Monksfield settled the tight race with Sea Pigeon as well as Night Nurse.

When Sea Pigeon escaped the narrow road between his opponents, the people knew who already won. But, Monksfield never stopped chasing Sea Pigeon, and finally, put an end in the hurdle race.

6. Rock Sand, Sceptre, and Ard Patrick (Eclipse Stakes)

Location: Sandown Park

Date: July 17, 1903

Even the commentator was confused in the said race given that the three horses were decorated with multiple awards. In the end, Ard Patrick slipped through the obstacles to oust filly Sceptre and co-colt Rock Sand after a sunny afternoon.

Patrick did not race after his victory as Sceptre and Rock Sand continued to win the next races.

5. Mandarin (Grand Steeplechase de Paris)

Location: Auteuil

Date: June 17, 1962

Mandarin had a rough start to begin in the race. He was already tired through a hundred-year course with French horse Lumino sailing in front. Mandarin rushed to beat Lumino despite the earlier hurdles that sent Fred Winter to nearly losing the grasp with his horse.

4. Arkle & Mill House (Cheltenham Gold Cup)

Date: March 7, 1964 

Irish horse Arkle coincides with English horse Mill House for a triumphant rivalry when all audience saw Mill House leading the race all the time. Arkle was not on the second spot before, but out of nowhere, he sped up and level with Mill House. 

The final leap saw Arkle took the race and Mill House finished second after being first until the last jump.

3. Secretariat (Belmont Stakes)

Location: Belmont Park

Date: June 9,  1973

Charlie Hatton ran out of words to describe how Secretariat managed to finish the Belmont win for the US Triple Crown. Hatton said ” But Secretariat is all alone…Secretariat is in a position that is impossible to catch.” which spoke volume of passion and strength to overcome the odds with other horses who are too far from behind.

2. Grundy & Bustino (King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes)

Location: Ascot

Date: July 26, 1975

The race started with the close distance covered by eight-race winner Grundy and Bustino, the most sought four-year-old broodmare. The actions on the field will easily be missed with one eye, but Bustino is still the leader of the group.

With only 50 yards from the line, Grundy boosted his speed and overtook Bustino in a fast sequence. It was dubbed “The Race of the Century.”

1. Quashed & Omaha (Gold Cup)

Location: Ascot

Date: June 8, 1936

The veteran racers Omaha, the 1935 US Triple Crown winner and Quashed, the Oaks champion squared in the race for the most prestigious clash of the season. The breathless exhibition of speed and intelligence was incomparable for the two horses, as they careened to the soft ground of Ascot.

Quashed finished the race in the first place, and appeared before a crowd who craved for more cheers following a dazzling finish. The Observer noted that the battle of Quashed and Omaha was worth-watching even though it took “a year of a man’s life, making it the most memorable race of all time.


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