September 23, 2021

Supercars offers first look at Gen3 V8 motors

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The Aussie series will debut a new digital series called Gen3 Unpacked tomorrow, which will take fans behind the scenes of the ongoing development of the next-generation cars.

The series will be hosted by driver-turned-presenter Mark Larkham, with the teaser video released today heavily focussed on the new-spec Ford and Chevrolet V8 engines.

The footage in the teaser offers the closest look yet at the less-highly-strung units that will power the new cars, as they undergo testing at Supercars’ own engine shop.

Work is currently underway to test, paritise and ultimately homologate the new engines, with the development being carried out by Mostech Race Engines on the Ford side, and KRE Race Engines on the Chevrolet side.

The Ford engine is a 5.4-litre version of the Aluminator crate engine, while the Chevy is a mix of components to create a 5.7-litre V8.

The Chevy is the first to have cut real-world laps, the engine having completed several testing runs fitted to a TA2 test mule.

According to Larkham this video series will put fans better in touch with the Gen3 rules ahead of their proposed mid-2022 introduction.

“For me personally, if anything’s going to come out of this, I believe Supercars fans are going to be really pleased when they see the level of work, and the level of integrity behind the work,” Larkham told the official Supercars website.

“From getting the engines up to speed and matched parity-wise, to chassis and aero development – a lot of very impressive work we have not seen.

“I left there more buoyed than I thought I would otherwise be.

“One of the lines I used was, ‘you know what will change for you in the grandstand? Not much’.

“That’s cool; we’ve got big muscular cars coming, and big muscular engines coming.

“Big, tough, robust, loud, powerful race cars – and now with engines using componentry and architecture aligned with their own hero cars, so more relevant than where we’ve come from.”




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