June 12, 2021

Sprint Qualifying aimed at ‘young people who don’t want two-hour races’ | RaceFans Round-up

In the round-up: Formula 1 motorsport director Ross Brawn says the sport’s new Sprint Qualifying format is aimed at attracting new younger viewers.

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In brief

Young fans may prefer Sprint Qualifying – Brawn

Formula 1 will hold its first three Sprint Qualifying races later this year. In an interview for The Muscle Help Foundation, Brawn said the series has been “trying to get a sprint race format into Formula 1 for a number of years”, partly because they believe it will be more popular with younger fans.

“It’s a format we want to test,” he said. “Things change and young people don’t necessarily want to watch two hours of racing on a Sunday afternoon. We may find the short format racing’s more appealing to them.

“But we don’t want to disorientate our loyal fans who are really the core of our sport. And so can we find a combination? That’s what we’re testing. So there are three races this year. We’ll take stock and then we’ll decide what the next step is for the future. ”

One-month grace period for new flexi-wing rules

Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri, Circuit de Catalunya, 2021
Gasly’s rear wing was inspected in Portugal and Spain

A one-month grace period will accompany new rules which come into force next month to prevent teams using rear wings which are designed to flex at speed.

A new technical directive will be imposed from June 15th increasing two of the load tests which rear wings are subjected to. While the rules specify the wings may not deflect by more than three millimetres when the load is applied, a tolerance of 20% will be permitted over the first month of the rules’ introduction.

The FIA will study footage from cars’ rear-facing cameras to detect any cars which may not be fully compliant with the directive. The sport’s governing body is understood to have started taking a closer look at teams’ rear wings following its inspection of Pierre Gasly’s AlphaTauri at the Portuguese Grand Prix. The same car was inspected again following the Spanish Grand Prix.

Daly to carry “Tired of Pricks?” slogan

Conor Daly, Carpenter, IndyCar, 2021
Conor Daly’s new IndyCar livery

Conor Daly will carry this new livery from this weekend’s IndyCar race. His Ed Carpenter-run car will carry sponsorship from MannKind Corporation whose needle-free insulin product will be promoted with the slogan “tired of pricks?” on its sidepod.

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