June 13, 2021

Solo Players With Nivida GPUs Can Pause Always-Online Outriders


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Screenshot: Square Enix

Outriders is an always-online game that you can play entirely solo. Normally, you can’t pause it even when alone. But a clever PC player figured out a way to pause the game using their Nivida GPU.

Like Dark Souls and The Division, when playing Outriders, even alone, you are unable to pause the game. The only way you can stop playing and get a drink is to find a corner in a quiet part of the map and hide your character. Or wait for the servers to fail. But if you have a Nivida GPU then there is a way to pause the game while playing solo. This method was shared by Reddit user Aced-Bread.

It’s fairly simple: Outriders supports Nivida’s Ansel features, letting you pause the action and move the camera around to get some cool screenshots. So if you need to pause on PC and you have the right GPU, just hit Alt+F2, and boom, you’ve paused the game.

Here’s a short video showing off this method.

This only works when playing solo. If you have other players in your game Ansel will still activate, but the action won’t stop.

This neat workaround makes me wonder if a proper, legit pause feature could be implemented into the main game. That would let folks on console and those who don’t use Nivida GPUs get a chance to stop and take a bathroom break in the middle of a fight.

(h/t PC Gamer)


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