September 16, 2021

Safa supports Marawa’s ‘diverse opinion’ after contract dispute with South African broadcaster

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The country’s football governing body issued the following statement on Tuesday morning

Safa wishes to express its disapproval following the termination of Robert Marawa’s contract with the public broadcaster SABC as this will hinder football development and professional profiling of the sport.

Robert Marawa has over the years excelled as a major contributor to the analysis, insight and debate of football on the African continent and global stage.

His shows have regularly attracted wide-range expert views and opinions that evidently contributed to the growth of South African football.

It is unfortunate that as we celebrate the right to freedom of speech and diversity of opinions, the main broadcasters in the country SuperSport and SABC find that such differing and diverse opinions are not to be tolerated on their platforms.

Robert Marawa has a proven track record both nationally and continentally and has delivered major service to both local, Caf and Fifa platforms.

He has used his extensive influence to enrich football debates in our country and the African continent at large.

South Africa and its broadcast platforms must show greater tolerance to the diversity of opinions.

Safa, as the football governing body in the country, will approach SABC to discuss this key aspect to the future of football in this country.

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