June 12, 2021

Please Enjoy These Fake Nintendo Games That Should Also Be Real Nintendo Games


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As it has managed every year since 2005, even through global pandemics, Japanese game store Meteor is once again holding its annual Famicase exhibit, where it asks artists from around the world to submit their original designs for Famicom cases. Cases for games that don’t actually exist.

We’ve been covering the exhibit for 14 years now, so if you’d like to catch up on any of the previous entries you should definitely kill some time doing that because they’re all incredible, each and every one of them.

But if you just want to see some of this year’s entries, I’ve included a bunch of them below, with the full collection available over on Meteor’s site.

Oh, and note that while these games don’t exist in a commercial sense, itch.io has been running game jams based on these for a while now, so there’s a chance some of your favourites may end up in some kind of playable form soon!


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