September 16, 2021

Perez eyes Hungaroring redemption after “poorest weekend” at Silverstone | RaceFans Round-up

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In the round-up: Sergio Perez says he and his team are keen to move past their disastrous British Grand Prix weekend.

In brief

Perez: Budapest an opportunity to redeem Silverstone

After spinning off during sprint qualifying, and having to start the British Grand Prix from the pit lane, Perez endured a disastrous weekend at Silverstone. He had to sacrifice 10th place to pit in order to prevent Lewis Hamilton scoring the bonus point for fastest lap.

“It was a total disaster on our side,” he admitted yesterday, “With the sprint race, when I went off, that basically ruined our chances of doing anything.

“So we regrouped. We worked hard over the week to be as prepared as possible. Now looking forward to this one. It’s, if not the poorest weekend of the season on our side, it was very close. So just looking forward to Hungary and and full focus on this one.”

Norris’ record-setting run of points finishes a reward for hard work

Lando Norris says his run of 15 consecutive points finishes, which began before the season started, reflects the hard work he and McLaren have put in during his time with them.

“It’s impressive,” said Norris. “It’s a reward and a bonus of the work we’ve been putting in and the good results we’ve been having.

“It’s all part of it. Obviously a lot of it’s continued from last season already. But the best thing is so far this season everything is going very well. It’s going to plan – better than plan a lot of the time – so we’ll try to keep it up.”

Alonso not feeling his age as he turns 40

Fernando Alonso, Alpine, Hungaroring, 2021
Alonso had a big birthday

Fernando Alonso admitted he didn’t expect to be racing in Formula 1 at the age of 40 after marking his milestone birthday yesterday.

“I feel not 40 for sure, it’s the number that is surprising me as well,” Alonso said. “When I see it, when I see everyone in the motorhome – because the team prepared a very nice decoration of my room and in the lunch area as well – it’s a bigger number that what I feel.”

Alonso won the Hungarian Grand Prix when he was 22. He said that back then he would never have expected himself to still be in F1 18 years later.

“You live only the present,” he said. “You are not thinking too much about the future at that age and you are just focussed on the race weekend and you can hardly imagine yourself more than two or three years in time from that moment.

“Now, it’s a different thing, I’m more used to the sport, to Formula 1 and all the the things that are quite unique here. When I came into the sport, I was from a very small town in the north of Spain with no experience, no background, no nothing. And then you drive into this world and you are shocked four, four, five, six, seven years until you are used to to everything. So now it’s a little bit different. You know how things are and you are enjoying yourself.”

Tsunoda targets consistency in Hungary

Following a dip in form earlier in the year, Yuki Tsunoda is looking to continue his better run of late in Hungary. He said he was pleased to be “back to normal standard format” with three practice sessions before qualifying.

“I drove in Hungary already [for] two years and I really like this track, so I’m looking forward to it,” said the AlphaTauri driver.

“Recently [I’m] having consistent races compared to the beginning of the season, which I’m happy for, and for building up the confidence for the driving – getting up, getting better. I think what I need now is consistency.”

New Alfa Romeo hire responsible for F1 participation

Since renewing their partnership with Sauber, Alfa Romeo have moved to solidify their own connection to the F1 team by appointing Cristiano Fiorio responsible for the brand within F1.

Fiorio will report directly to Jean-Philippe Imparato, Alfa Romeo Brand CEO, and work on using their connection to F1 to further Alfa Romeo’s electrification strategy in its road vehicles.

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