June 12, 2021

Ohio State Buckeyes Comment on Alabama’s Stellar Offensive Play : NCAAFB : Sports World News


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The Ohio Buckeyes and Alabama Crimson Tide will clash on January 11 for the playoff championship. The Buckeyes have this to say about Alabama’s offense. (Photo : Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

The Ohio State Buckeyes are bracing for its dream matchup against the Alabama Crimson Tide in college football.

Five days before the national playoff championship takes place, the Buckeyes have something to say about Crimson Tide’s play on the offensive line. 

Some players and coaches from the Ohio football team shared what they think of their toughest opponent in college football.

Kerry Coombs admires Alabama’s tight offense

Ohio Buckeyes’ secondary coach Kerry Coombs knows that Alabama is not the team that will give up easily. From the on-set, Alabama is by far the most chased team in college football. The Crimson Tide is second in overall scoring at 48.2 points per game and has bragging rights at the offensive end with 535 yards per game.

“They have great players, but they also have a great scheme and they understand how to attack defenses. People have tried numerous different things against them, and they always have an answer,” Coombs praised the young Alabama squad.

Heisman awardee DeVonta Smith is the star in Alabama and quarterback Mac Jones, a Heisman runner-up, and running back Najee Harris.

Coombs is enamored of how well the Alabamans play. The 59-year-old defensive coordinator added that the three Alabama standouts have something in common: greatness.

Smith is unguardable

In another statement, Coombs praised the 22-year-old DeVonta Smith as a gifted runner in football. What he highlights in the interview is the brute physical strength of Smith at both ends. According to him, Smith is not only fast, but the kid is more than that.

Coombs narrated that what he sees in the action is how well Smith plays.

“He’s a blocker. He’s a team guy. You know, he’s involved in every phase of their offense,” the Ohio-born coach said.

Indeed, Smith is an exceptional athlete who can run at full speed while accurately catching the ball. He is also the Tide’s playmaker who sees everyone on the field as an outlet to score for his team.

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Jonathon Cooper on Joe Moore Award

Fifth-year player Jonathon Cooper reveals his insight about the most coveted award for the best offensive line unit. The Ohio defensive lineman said that the Alabama offensive linemen deserved the Joe Moore Award 2020.

The senior Ohio state honoree mentioned that Crimson Tide attackers’ presence is a huge challenge for their defensive men.

Cooper commended that Alabama was an overflowing pool of talented big men who have all the means to beat their opponents. The troika of Smith, Harris, and Jones spurred the commendable streak of scoring for the Alabama football team.

Copper ended with a compliment that the best teams to have an extraordinary offense are Alabama and Clemson.

Ohio sees Harris as a running back threat

Ohio State linebacker Pete Werner lauded Alabama running back Najee Harris’s ability to sweep the defenders. They may have stopped Clemson ace Travis Etienne’s rushing and receiving prowess under 100 yards, but Harris is a different foe to face.

The football rivalry between Ohio and Alabama will be on Tuesday. The Buckeyes need to prepare a lockdown strategy against Harris, who pierced Notre Dame’s defense with his exceptional rushing capability.

Najee Harris might be only 6-foot-2, but the physicality scares most of the teams that Harris faces. Werner is tenacious to stop the 22-year-old Harris with all means necessary. He said that it is possible, given that they have successfully suppressed Etienne at all costs.

Shaun Wade is excited to face Smith

In September 2020, Wade was already eligible to enter the NFL when he chose to put a hold on his NFL pursuit. It was a glaring decision for the fans, given that Wade would have been one of the top prospects to enter the NFL draft.

For now, he is focused on their next match against Alabama. His redemption will ring a bell to many. He continues to be one of the best defensive backs in college football.

For the final test, Wade wants a shot at Smith on Tuesday. The Buckeyes cornerback is always pumped up by coach Coombs’ daily reminder to them: to win the championship by one point ahead of Alabama.

When Tuesday comes, the Big Ten’s best defensive back will have a chance to deal with DeVonta Smith. It’s a do-or-die game for the Buckeyes.


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