June 23, 2021
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New York Jets to Select New Coach Among 8 Candidates After Firing Adam Gase : NFL : Sports World News

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The New York Jets fired head coach Adam Gase who just towed them to nine wins in two seasons. Thus, the search for a new coach for the next season is on. (Photo : Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

The New York Jets are now looking for a new head coach after cutting ties with Adam Gase.

According to Jets CEO Christopher Johnson, the decision came on Sunday night after the New York Jets surrendered to the New England Patriots.

“It is clear the best decision for the Jets is to move in a different direction. We knew there was a lot of work that needed to be done when Adam joined us in 2019. Our strong finish last year was encouraging, but unfortunately, we did not sustain that positive momentum or see the progress we all expected this season,” John said in his official statement.

In 2020, Adam Gase only accomplished two wins out of 14 games for the Jets. The 42-year-old ended his career with a 9-23 record in two seasons for the Jets. He coached Miami Dolphins for three seasons and finished with a 23-25 card. 

Now that the New York Jets had moved forward from a bad start in 2020, some prospects can be the next head coach for the East division team.

Who Will Likely be the Next Jets’ Coach?

  • Arthur Smith (Tennessee Titans)

Beginning his career as a defensive coordinator, Smith has shifted to the offensive side of strategic game-planning. A talented coach who helped establish a good run for the Titans. What else would the team be looking for when Smith both has the offensive and defensive capability to lead a team?

The New York Jets also want the same groove in the team, but can they keep up with Smith’s sudden jump to head coach? If there is a problem here, it is Smith’s lack of experience. He only began coaching five years ago, and still, he has a long way to go.

  • Brandon Staley (Los Angeles Rams)

Another young coach who has the talent to develop a football team is Brandon Staley. A defensive maestro on the field, this 38-year-old coordinator knew how to transform a weak team into a playoff-bound squad.

There is a good chance that he could be the next coach for the Rams, but we do not know how the tables could turn. He could be finding another adventure with a different team to test how far he could go alone.

One thing is guaranteed if Staley will be selected: he will meet the demands of the Jets.

  • Dan Mullen (Florida Gators)

It’s time to know Dan Mullen being the first college football head coach among the candidates. His prowess in coaching took the likes of Tim Debow and Alex Smith into the limelight.

Mullen was known as a good mentor of tenderfoot quarterbacks, and he has been making some noise to be an eligible coach in the NFL.

While he could be the next Jets coach, Mullen had faced several scandals. These included the alleged violence against women committed by his players, his defamation of Rebel Rags, and recruitment violations that might make Christopher Johnson think of weighing Mullen’s attitude and talent to the Jets.

  • Don “Wink” Martindale (Baltimore Ravens)

Martindale started from scratch before settling for a coaching job. He first worked as a coach at Georgia Tech and strived hard until he reached a professional position with the Denver Broncos in 2010 as a defensive coordinator.

However, Broncos’ head coach Josh McDaniels was kicked by the management after plotting a 4-12 card. Martindale struggled to lift the team and two years later, he joined the Baltimore Ravens as a linebacker coach. Six years later, he was promoted as the Ravens’ defensive coordinator, and since then, the Ravens boosted their armor to their opponents.

  • Eric Bieniemy (Kansas City Chiefs)

If there was a feat that the Chiefs can boast of, it was their incomparable offense in the NFL. Coached by Andy Reid, the Chiefs were in good hands with Bieniemy’s offensive tactics.

Before this offensive coordinator job, Bieniemy was a former running back in the league. When he retired, he moved as a running back coach.

Bieniemy’s field feats were overshadowed by controversies, including his alcohol and drug abuse, harassment, and rape accusations.

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Christ Johnson talked with Harbaugh three years ago about the coaching position for the Jets. The New York Jets’ owner also showed interest in Harbaugh.

Whether Harbaugh will extend his contract with Michigan or not, he might be in line to pursue a different path.

  • Matt Campbell (Iowa State)

The public noticed a fresh handler, maybe only in the Jets corner as Matt Campbell for his impressive coaching.

For the first time in Iowa State’s history, Campbell strolled Iowa to get-away wins against Oklahoma and Texas. His recent performance can lift him to the NFL poster someday.

College teams cannot sleep to Campbell’s defensive scheme. The teams noted his natural control with the rotation and state-of-the-art plays.

In 2018, the Jets reached out to Campbell and offered him the coaching position, but the 41-year-old refused the offer. We never know what could happen three years later. We never know what is next.

  • Matt Eberflus (Indianapolis Colts)

You can always link Eberflus to the word ‘defense,’ as he rose as one of the most prolific strategists in the league. His leadership had honed raw talents like Darius Leonard in the Colts.

If the Jets decide to pursue Eberflues for the 2021 lineup, a significant improvement will happen with the team.


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