June 13, 2021

NBA Rumors: Damian Lillard Wants Draymond Green for Portland Trailblazers : NBA : Sports World News


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Draymond Green to Portland Trailblazers? According to rumors, it is what Damian Lillard wants. Will it happen or not? (Photo : Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Three championships and five consecutive finals appearances – what else can we ask from the Golden State Warriors?

During the 2019-2020 NBA Season, the Golden State Warriors transformed into a trash team from a champion-caliber squad after ending the season with a record of 15-50. Imagine how the once-lustrous team shot bricks last year?

Warriors dynasty over?

The Warriors’ dynasty has been concluded. Last season saw the absence of Stephen Curry after injuring his wrist and ankle, while Klay Thompson was out due to torn Achilles. Kevin Durant left the Warriors to head to the Brooklyn Nets following his injury in the 2019 finals.

The Warriors were once a pool of talented players, including veterans David West and Livingston, who retired after their 15th NBA season. The Dubs are slowly losing important gems, and the departure of Andre Iguodala made it more painful. The organization has disappeared in a season as new talents emerged in the team.

In the last NBA 2020 draft, the Warriors landed James Wiseman as the No. 2 overall pick and secured a 2021 first-round pick to the Minnesota Timberwolves. So far, the Warriors are kicking with Curry as the leader but, Threezus is already 32. So, the Warriors need to develop around Wiseman, Andrew Wiggins, Kelly Oubre, Eric Paschall, and other youngsters.

The catch is on Draymond Green, who already missed four games this season. So far, Green’s performance hurt the Warriors. With Green only averaging 2.5 points per game on 18.2 percent shooting, is it time for the Warriors to trade their former All-Star forward?

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Draymond Green to Portland

In a report by The Athletic’s Sam Amick, Portland Trailblazers will likely be the spot for the 30-year-old Green. He indicated that Damian Lillard is lurking behind the bushes to place Green in a potential trade. The two are close friends off-court.

“If we were handicapping Draymond trade destinations if the Warriors decided to blow it up. That’s the one Damian and his group has for the last couple of years been campaigning for,” Amick mentioned in his podcast, The NBA Athletic Show.

The 2016-2017 Defensive Player of the Year agreed to a four-year extension amounting to $100 million for the Warriors in 2019. Anything could happen for the two teams, but as of now, the Warriors want to eye a good playoff spot. If the Dubs waive Green now, it will be a premature death for the recovering team.

Portland may only acquire Green if the Warriors change mind – that is if their championship dream becomes near to impossibility. Another option for the trade block is when the Dubs no longer find Green to be a useful defensive player like he used to be in the past NBA seasons.

If ever the Warriors agree to trade Green, Portland may be puzzled as to who they should place in the trade block. Perhaps, CJ McCollum can be a candidate, as the Warriors lack a reliable shooter. It won’t make sense either for the Blazers because Lillard will be missing a backcourt partner.

Warriors and Blazers could go for multiple trades, but it will only suit both of them if the trade satisfies their demands. But come to think of it, why would Lillard want Draymond Green to go to Portland. 

It’s no doubt that Green is still a highly-sought player in the NBA who is marketable not only because of his size but because of his leadership and playmaking ability as a point-forward.


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