June 13, 2021

Japan’s Fraudulent Composer Returns Years Later With New Music


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Photo: TORU YAMANAKA/AFP via Getty Images (Getty Images)

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In 2014, it was revealed that Mamoru Samuragochi, who was called “Japan’s Beethoven,” was not actually deaf. What’s more, he also used a ghostwriter for music.

Before the news broke, the accepted story was that Samuragochi, a gifted musician, had a degenerative hearing condition that left him completely deaf by age 35. However, he continued to release work, such as “Symphony No.1 Hiroshima,” a tribute to those killed in the atomic bombing. His scores for the DualShock version of Resident Evil Director’s Cut, released in 1998, and Onimusha, released in 2001, were popular among gamers.

However, Samuragochi admitted that he used a ghostwriter, saying at the time, “I started hiring the person to compose music for me around 1996 when I was asked to make movie music for the first time. I had to ask the person to help me for more than half of my work because my ear condition got worse.”

Above is a photo from Samuragochi’s press conference in which he apologized for the scheme. Below is what he looked like before, with his flowing locks and wearing his phony maestro getup.

Illustration for article titled Japan's Fraudulent Composer Returns Years Later With New Music

Photo: JIJI PRESS/AFP via Getty Images (Getty Images)

The ghostwriter, a music professor named Takashi Niigaki, revealed that he composed songs for Samuragochi for over 18 years and that “Japan’s Beethoven” apparently wasn’t deaf. According to him, the faux composer could hear but couldn’t even write sheet music.

In a written apology, the fraudulent composer later admitted that he can hear somewhat. “In recent years I have started to be able to hear a little bit more than before… since about three years ago I can hear words if people speak clearly and slowly into my ears,” Samuragochi wrote. “It is true that I received a certificate proving I had a hearing disorder and that I couldn’t hear anything up until three years ago.” There was doubt over the veracity of Samuragochi’s claims, and he ended up returning his hearing disorder certificate.

As My Navi News now reports, years after admitting his ruse, Samuragoch has returned with new—albeit rather heavy-handed, at that—music that he claims to have written. Originally, when the song was first uploaded, Samuragochi was not listed as the composer, because, well, all the baloney he did previously. Have a listen:

Warning: the second clip starts with flashing images.

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