History have been made! There are all kinds of titles in WWE and some of them have a longer history than others. It can be interesting to see where a title goes in its early years as the promotion is still trying to find out how they want the title to be presented. That is the case again with WWE and now one of their newest titles has changed hands yet again in a surprise.

This week on SmackDown, Tamina and Natalya defeated Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler to become the new Women’s Tag Team Champions. The win is the first Tag Team Title for both of them and Tamina’s first major title in WWE, outside of a single reign we 24/7 Champion. The title change marks the beginning of the tenth reign in the titles’ history, which started in February 2019.

It was a big moment. Check out how the title change went down:

<div id="wpfp_f69cce9fe4465bd7a4d2b8b23d4a1b86" data-item="{"sources":[{"src":"https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=a0OjYfaOAJg","type":"video\/youtube"}],"id":"6593","fv_title":"Tamina & Natalya vs. Jax & Baszler \u2013 WWE Women\u2019s Tag Team Title Match: SmackDown, May 14, 2021","splash":"https:\/\/i.ytimg.com\/vi\/a0OjYfaOAJg\/maxresdefault.jpg"}" class="flowplayer no-brand is-splash no-svg is-paused skin-slim fp-slim fp-edgy has-caption is-youtube" data-ratio="0.6667" data-ad_show_after="1" data-advance="false" data-ad="{"html":"