May 17, 2021

Giant Gundam Statue Finished In China

Illustration for article titled Giant Gundam Statue Finished In China

Screenshot: 食玩高達室

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A life-sized, one-to-one scale Freedom Gundam statue has been completed in Shanghai.


The 59-foot Freedom Gundam went up in front of the Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Shanghai Jinqiao, making this the first official giant Gundam to go up outside Japan.

This is not the first life-sized one to go up in China. Way back in 2009, a totally unofficial (and orange!) giant Gundam knock-off statue went up in Szechwan, but was taken down due to copyright issues.

It’s not also the only new giant Gundam. Another new, life-sized statue is also scheduled to be unveiled in Yokohama.

Have a look at clips below showing the statue being built, as well as the finished result.