June 16, 2021

Former WWE Star ‘The Rock’ Gifts a Brand-New Vehicle to His Old Friend : OTHER : Sports World News


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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson thanked his long-time friend for what he has done in the past for him. As a Christmas gift, the Rock gave him a brand new vehicle. (Photo : Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for TIME)

For Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Christmas is alive through the spirit of giving.

The former WWE wrestler chose a long-time friend, a widowed father, on Christmas Day and became his Santa Claus for a day. His long-time friend was struggling with two children, and The Rock saw this as an opportunity to return the good deeds that this friend had done for him back in the days.

Forbes magazine reported that The Rock was the highest-paid actor in the world. The 48-year-old wrestler-turned-actor is known for giving big surprises to people with a special place in his heart.

The Rock Gifts His Friend With a truck

Long-time wrestling fans will recognize The Rock’s old friend, whose nickname is “Downtown Bruno.” Bruno Lauer has not seen Johnson for a long time, and the Christmas reunion turned out to be the most memorable moment for the two.

Lauer is known to the wrestling fandom as Harvey Wippleman. He took care of the 15-year-old Dwayne Johnson in his small house. At that time, the young Johnson had this inspiration of chasing his father, Rocky Johnson, in the world of wrestling.

The Rock could not spend a lot of time with his father, who was busy with his many wrestling gigs. Lauer acted as his father and took him in as his own child in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Johnson recalled when Lauer only lived in a small room at the Alamo Plaza motel. He had no idea back then who Lauer was, but he had appreciated the concern that he had for him.

“When I was 15 yrs old, Bruno even gave me his last $40 bucks so I could hustle a crackhead out of his car one night at a honky-tonk in Nashville,” The Rock remembered.

The ‘People Champ’ never thought that a stranger would show a heart-warming kindness to him. As a payback to what Lauer has done for the young The Rock, he gifted him with something that will mark their strong bond. 

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The Rock continued, “Bruno could’ve (and should’ve) said ‘hell no, I’m not takin’ in some kid who I don’t know’… But he didn’t. He took this punk kid in and we became lifelong friends.”

In his Instagram post, Dwayne Johnson filmed the scene when Lauer was shocked upon receiving a Ford F150. After 25 years, the reunion came to a sweet Christmas appreciation.

Lauer became The Rock’s mentor when he was just starting to wrestle with his father being away. In 1996, Lauer helped The Rock to make his mark in his appearance in professional wrestling.

Lauer wanted to hug Johnson if it wasn’t for COVID-19. Seconds later, he came to Lauer and hugged him like when he was 15 years old.

The car approximately costs $30,000. Even though the $40 looks trivial compared to the vehicle, it was an incomparable symbol of how things started for the eight-time WWE champion and Lauer. 

The Rock joked that he had now returned the favor for Bruno after buying him a vehicle with no crackhead in the backseat.

“I love you man, and not because of this, because of who you are,” Lauer told Johnson before hugging him.


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