June 15, 2021

Former Brooklyn Guard Caris LeVert Will Be Out-of-Action After Kidney Mass Detected : NBA : Sports World News


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Former Brooklyn Nets wingman, Caris LeVert, will be sidelined after a mass on his left kidney was found. (Photo : Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

Former Brooklyn Nets wingman, Caris LeVert will be sidelined after a mass on his left kidney was found.

LeVert to Indiana Pacers

In an official statement by the Pacers organization, the 26-year-old forward underwent MRI during a physical examination. The findings revealed that LeVert has a small mass on the left kidney. The organization continued that they will update the details after several medical tests have been carried out for LeVert.

Pacers president of basketball operations Kevin Pritchard said that they recruited LeVert to Indiana because he is young and skillful so far in his basketball career. He added that the whole organization is “super confident” that the former Wolverine will regain his shape once he gets back on the court, ESPN reported on Sunday.

Pritchard continued that they will support Caris throughout his journey as a freshly-selected Pacer. But, when he was asked by a reporter if the kidney mass is malignant. he refused to respond.

The 53-year-old GM also mentioned that LaVert will beat his situation in the end, and it will be a great story for the organization.

The move from the Pacers may open an early flaw in the management, but to make it fair, the Pacers received a second second-round pick to make up for LeVert’s absence.

In a report by Sports Illustrated, the Indiana Pacers originally drafted Caris LeVert for the 20th overall pick during the 2016 NBA Draft. However, he was immediately transferred to Brooklyn Nets, before becoming a Pacer again.

In his four-year stint with the Brooklyn Nets, LeVert, who was nickname as “Baby Durant” in highschool, etched an average of 13.1 points, 3.7 boards, and 3.7 assists per game. His last season put him in the limelight as one of the Nets’ best players during the 2019-2020 campaign, where he recorded career-highs in points, assists, and rebounds.

“On behalf of my family and myself, we want to thank the Indiana Pacers for their support and guidance. We are grateful for their extreme thoroughness during the physical process and I am looking forward to joining the team and being part of this great organization as soon as possible,” LeVert said in a press release.

LeVert has gone to places that he could never imagine before. It happened just 10 minutes after Houston Rockets star James Harden announced his readiness to join a new team. Pritchard wanted to acquire LeVert as a missing key for the Pacers, but he thought he could not pull him out that easily.

Upon learning Harden’s sudden revelation, Pritchard negotiated with the Rockets for a possible trade that will involve LeVert. Brooklyn and Houston agreed to the trade, then a blockbuster mega-trade happened among four teams.

Harden was absorbed by the Nets. Pacers’ guard Victor Oladipo, together with two other players and a set of draft picks, went to the Rockets. LeVert’s teammates’ Taurean Prince and Jarrett Allen went to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

For LeVert’s acquisition, the Pacers cost Oladipo and two second-round picks with a bonus of $4.79 million for trade exception.

This season, Caris averages 18.5 points while dishing six assists in 27.8 minutes per game.


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