June 13, 2021

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After retiring from their respective sports, former athletes look for other income sources. We list some of the athletes who became successful entrepreneurs after their retirement. (Photo : Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Earning millions of dollars is heaven for professional athletes, but some do not know what to do next after their retirement. Other athletes invest in businesses and stocks and become successful entrepreneurs.

Former Athletes Who Turned Into Successful Entrepreneurs

Last played as Denver Broncos quarterback.

Business Portfolio: Nike, Gatorade, DirecTV, Buick, Papa John’s franchise

Manning spent his last four seasons with the Broncos. He also played for the Indianapolis Colts before going to Denver. Regarded as one of the best quarterbacks to play in the NFL, he now owns several popular brands mentioned in his portfolio. Currently, he already has 30 franchises of Papa John’s.

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Last played as a heavyweight champion boxer.

Business Portfolio: Book author, George Foreman Grill Endorser

Foreman signed a nine-figure contract in 1999 with now called Spectrum Brands (formerly Salton Inc.). Besides being an endorser and businessman, he is also a writer and a pastor. He already authored ten books. 

Last played as Miami Heat center.

Business portfolio: Krispy Kreme, Reebok, Carnival Cruise Lines, Big Chicken, and other service and shopping centers

After retiring from the NBA, O’Neal already showed interest in building other projects. He is currently a co-host of Inside the NBA while having many outside businesses, including shopping centers, restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs, and fitness gyms.

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Last played as a WWE wrestler.

Business Portfolio: Under Armour, Dwayne The Rock Johnson Foundation, Seven Bucks Production, etc.

The Rock is widely known for his successful WWE career. Before that, he played football in Miami. After retiring from wrestling, he pursued acting and film-producing. Today, he now has several business ventures. He also co-wrote his book, “The Rocks Says,” with Joseph Layden.

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Last played as Chicago Bulls guard.

Business Portfolio: Charlotte Hornets, Jordan Brand, Miami Marlins, restaurants, car dealerships, etc.

His success in his career has been translated to take the path of an entrepreneur, and he is now the owner of the NBA team Charlotte Hornets. He also has a minor share of the Miami Marlins. Jordan has a shoe brand named after him.

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Last played as an Olympic swimmer.

Business portfolio: Omega, Intel, Under Armour, The Michael Phelps Foundation, Medibio, Beats by Dr. Dre

Phelps’ swimming career was the most decorated among all Olympic swimmers. Now, he’s focused on his foundation, which campaigns health programs. He is also one of the boards of Medibio, a mental health technology company that specializes in measuring mental health, assessing mental disorders, etc.

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Last Played as New York Yankees shortstop.

Business portfolio: Miami Marlins, Jeter Publishing, Luvo Food Brand, Turn 2 Foundation,

The Player’s TribuneJeter transitioned into a full-time businessman after becoming the CEO of the Miami Marlins. He founded his own publishing company named after him and co-founded The Player’s Tribune in 2017. Jeter also had sports endorsements and several TV shows. 

Last played as Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

Business portfolio: Sports 1 Marketing, The Crescent Moon Foundation, Rose Bowl Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Moon spent his last season in Kansas as a back-up quarterback before retiring in 2001. Since then, he became one of the biggest entrepreneurs. He started co-founding Sports 1 Marketing and the Crescent Moon Foundation. He is also a member of the non-profit board of the Children’s Research Hospital and Rose Bowl Foundation. 

Last played as United States team forward.

Business portfolio: Mia Hamm Foundation, Mia Hamm Soccer 64, endorser, author, TV personality

Mia Hamm spent her farewell game with the U.S., who beat Mexico for the Olympic qualifiers. When she called quits, she dedicated her work to fund-raising projects such as her own Mia Hamm Foundation. Hamm authored some books such as Wusa’s Girl Guide to Soccer’s Life in 2003, Winners Never Quit in 2004, and Mia Hamm in 2015.

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