September 16, 2021

Data will determine whether Aston Martin protest Vettel’s disqualification | RaceFans Round-up

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In the round-up: Aston Martin are weighing up whether to formally appeal against Sebastian Vettel’s disqualification from the Hungarian Grand Prix.

In brief

Aston Martin mulls Vettel appeal

Following Vettel’s disqualification on Sunday, for producing an insufficient post-race fuel sample, Aston Martin served notification of their intention to appeal. From that point they have four days to submit one.

“Since we had reason to believe that there was more than one litre of fuel in Sebastian Vettel’s car after the Hungarian Grand Prix, we decided to reserve our right to appeal,” a team spokesperson explained. “[This] decision was communicated publicly by the FIA late the same Sunday night, in accordance with their standard procedures.

“We are now analysing data in order to decide whether to appeal or not, using the 96-hour ‘window’ that the FIA allocates for such deliberations.”

Mazepin expects “long career in Formula 1”

Nikita Mazepin says his frustration at being taken out of Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix was eased by the expectation he is at the beginning of a long career in the sport.

The Haas driver was hit by Kimi Raikkonen in the pits when most of the field pitted before the race restart. Raikkonen was penalised for the collision, which put Mazepin out of the race.

“It’s just really annoying,” said Mazepin. “That’s one race I really wanted to be in, and not only for me, but I think this race offered a lot of opportunities and my team does really need those opportunities.

“It’s just unfortunate that other teams make mistakes and send cars out. I mean, it was obvious that I needed to double stack, I’m not able and not allowed to stay in the pit lane to hold people up. So I need to go somewhere. And I was willing to go to my box. I could not have turned in any later. And the Alfa just came out and took my tyre off.”

The eventful race “could have been” a points-scoring opportunity, said Mazepin, “but it’s not going to be.”

“But I strongly believe that I’ve got a long career in Formula 1,” he continued. “That’s seriously not the way I wanted to go into the summer break because you just want to give it your all, at least leave this weekend tired and with a sore body and a sore neck, but just lack of laps and a lack of result is very fucking annoying.”

British F3 “forced” to change name

The series previously known as British F3 has rebranded itself with immediate effect as GB3. Championship promoter MSV said it was “very disappointed that it has been forced into the change, having done everything possible to preserve the historically significant British F3 title.”

The change has come about at the instigation of the FIA, it claimed. “Changing to the new GB3 name is purely a consequence of the FIA’s decision to limit the use of the F3 title exclusively for the international FIA F3 series, as a result of which national governing bodies are not able to grant permits for national level single-seater championships using the F3 brand.”

In its current form, the series served as a stepping stone for George Russell and Lando Norris to enter Formula 1. In its previous guise Ayrton Senna, Nelson Piquet, Mika Hakkinen and other future F1 champions raced in British F3.

“I am extremely saddened by the fact that we are no longer permitted to use British F3 name,” said MSV chief executive and former F1 driver Jonathan Palmer. “Having existed over half a century, the British F3 title has enormous heritage and the championship has played an important role in the careers of many F1 drivers, including my own. The strength of our championship is however built upon much more than just a name and that will be reflected in its ongoing success.”

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