June 16, 2021

Boston Bruins Select Patrice Bergeron as Their New Captain After Chara’s Departure : NHL : Sports World News


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The Boston Bruins new captain is Patrice Bergeron after the departure of Zdeno Chara. The choice of Bergeron, a long-time Bruins, was announced on Thursday. (Photo : Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

The Boston Bruins new captain is Patrice Bergeron. The long-time Bruins replaced Zdeno Chara who departed for the Washington Capitals.

The Boston Bruins announced Bergeron’s selection by pranking him. Bruins GM Don Sweeney announced that their new captain is winger Brad Marchand. The false announcement was a trick set up by the whole Bruins.

Boston Bruins New Captain

After GM Sweeney’s announcement, all eyes were on Patrice Bergeron, who remained motionless but was growing curious as he was smelling something fishy. 

A moment later, all Bruins ended the prank as Marchand could not keep it going anymore.

“I’m really looking forward to taking this next step, but I think we all know who the real captain is. Congrats to Bergy,” Marchand said as the rest of the Bruins erupted in a round of applause.

Upon the official announcement, Bergeron received a ‘big C’ jersey from GM Sweeney and Boston Bruins president Cam Neely.

Among all current Boston players, Bergeron is the longest-reigning Bruins in the team. Bergy was only 18 years old when he entered the NHL as a second-round pick, as per NESN. 

In his 16-year as a Bruins, Patrice Bergeron is known for his leadership among his comrades. In addition, he was decorated with many accolades including the 2011 Stanley Cup title and the 2012-2013 King Clancy Award. Bergeron was a four-time Seike Trophy titlist and also a five-time nominee as a finalist.

The new captain is not only a stalwart defender for the Bruins. Three times in his career, Bergy went berserk after scoring at least 70 points in one season.

Before leaving the Bruins, Zdeno Chara had hinted that his role will be succeeded by Bergeron, NBC Sports noted. He might be a fortune teller before GM Sweeney, but Chara was only telling the truth about Bergy.

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When Big Z said in his video press conference that Bergy has ‘done’ so much for the whole Bruins organization, he indirectly meant that the Canadian is the perfect captain to replace him.

In a Zoom interview on Thursday, Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy said that Patrice can get along with everyone. Even with his teammates, friends, or even young individuals, the current Bruins leader had the same way of treating different people.

Cassidy added that there are times that are just hard to take, and Bergy was there to encourage his teammates. The former Washington Capitals head coach ran out of words to describe Patrice. But, Cassidy knew that Bergy deserved to be the rightful owner of the ‘C’ jersey.

Brad Marchand recognized Bergy as a phenomenal player, who could have been a Bruins captain 10 years ago.

For David Krejci, the second oldest mainstay in Boston, it’s about time for Patrice to carry himself on and off the ice. Krejci ended that the organization is elated to have Patrice throughout the years.

The Bruins is set to face New Jersey Devils on the second day of the new season on January 14, the Boston wrote.

The NHL included the Canadian division for this season as adjustments were made due to the COVID-19.


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